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April Ad Swaps & Sponsors!

April Ad Swap and Sponsors on Katie Crafts;

It’s almost April, so that means it’s time to start looking for new and adorable blogs to swap ads with! If you’re interested in sponsoring or swapping ads with Katie Crafts, please read more below!

I’d love to advertise your Etsy shop or blog right on my sidebar! You can grab one of my buttons below at any time, or let me know if you need a different size!

Additionally, a new month means new Featured Etsy Shop posts! If you would love to be a featured Wednesday shop on Katie Crafts, get in touch with me ASAP! Please read my Sponsors Chart below for more information!

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If you have any other wonderful ways you’d like to sponsor my site, please don’t hesitate to email me. As always, thanks for supporting Katie Crafts! <3