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Hip Hip Hooray! The Husband and I just closed on our very first house! (the one with the wreath on the door!) We’re venturing all the way from Center City to South Philly (for those of you who don’t live here, it’s right around the corner, haha) in a place that is all ours- which is super exciting. It has a teeny tiny concrete block of a backyard (which is pretty awesome for city living) that we plan on getting a little table and grill for, and we want to put a bench and plants in the front, and … okay, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Maybe we should move in first, right?

The fact that we closed today is pretty much kismet. Husband and I met 5 years ago today, at the Philadelphia Zoo. We weren’t supposed to close on our house until next week, and then our realtor called randomly a few days ago and said we’d be closing today instead. Since this has been a rough journey and everything was going wrong, we didn’t want to jinx anything by telling people we were closing early or about the importance of September 5th, just in case. Well, biting our tongues must have worked in our favor because after a long day of paperwork and running around, the keys are in our hand and the house is finally ours. Crazy how things work out, isn’t it?

Expect a TON of house related DIY’s and tutorials to come as we fix things and change things in the new home! I’ll also be taking a small break from posting during the actual move next week, but it will just be a brief hiatus and I’ll be back!

What house renovations have you undertaken? Any tips for a first time home owner?