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Sunday Funday: Issue 12

Sunday Funday: Issue 12 on Katie Crafts;

What a lovely weekend! The first we didn’t spend traveling all over the place (though it was still quite busy!) Once May hits in Philly, it’s officially festival season. Usually the festivals are spread out across the summer, but yesterday there happened to be at least 5 on the same day at the same time! I only hit up two of them (then was sunburned and needed to go home and nap) but it was great just the same! While I hustle to get Monday’s post ready to roll, you can read about the festivals I attended in Sunday Funday: Issue 12! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 12

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Sunday Funday: Issue 11

Sunday Funday: Issue 11 on Katie Crafts;

My hope is that while this post is being published, I’m still in bed catching up on sleep! Big dreams. I’m also hoping that today I can get a lot done with my craft projects for the week, and finally (hopefully) get up photos from my honeymoon six months ago that I have been dragging my feet on uploading. I’ll have to do a post with pics from it, because it was a gorgeous trip [to Italy]! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 11

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Sunday Fun(ny)day: Issue 10

Sunday Fun(ny)day: Issue 10 by Katie Crafts;

Sunday Fun(ny)day: Issue 10

HAPPY EASTER!!!! To set a nice and light tone for the day, I’m making this a special Sunday Funday issue. It will have ONLY the “Things That Make Me Giggle” and nothing else! Thus, it is a Sunday Fun(ny)day for sure! I hope you enjoy all these silly and adorable things on this beautiful holiday! Continue reading Sunday Fun(ny)day: Issue 10

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Sunday Funday: Issue 9

Sunday Funday: Issue 9 by Katie Crafts;


This is our first and last “free weekend” for a long while! Then it’s at LEAST 5 (probably 6, maybe 7) straight weekends in a row of events, plans and a trip thrown in the mix! Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited for each of these things- but I do so love a free weekend. Enjoy yours too as you read Sunday Funday: Issue 9! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 9

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Sunday Funday: Issue 8

Sunday Funday: Issue 8 on Katie Crafts;

This week seriously flew by! I feel like I got pretty much nothing accomplished, and sadly have to spend the entirety of my Sunday playing catch up. Hopefully your day is more relaxing! If you’re just as busy as I am, at least take a moment to enjoy my Sunday Funday: Issue 8! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 8

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Sunday Funday: Issue 7

Sunday Funday: Issue 7 on Katie Crafts;

This past week was so busy, it was really just a blur. I was looking forward to this weekend for lots of relaxing and hopefully some walking in the sunshine. But of course, rain, rain, rain! I wish this entire weekend wasn’t so crummy! I’m going to use this downtime to craft, read and cook- so I guess it’s not that bad! You should do the same after you read my Sunday Funday: Issue 7!

Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 7