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My Etsy Picks: National Drink Wine Day!

My Etsy Picks: National Drink Wine Day Gift Guide on Katie Crafts;

GREAT NEWS!! Today, February 18th, is National Drink Wine Day! Just in case you needed another reason to pour yourself a glass of red or white with dinner, this is the perfect excuse. Did you say that you wanted to shop, too? Perfect! Here is a treasury with my favorite Etsy picks for all things wine! Continue reading My Etsy Picks: National Drink Wine Day!

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Words For Wednesday: Wedding Vows

Words for Wednesday: Wedding Vows on Katie Crafts;

Remember when I said last week that the Husband had a Valentine’s Day surprise for me? Well, he gifted me theatre tickets for Sunday night! We went to see “Harvey” at the Walnut Street Theatre and it was an excellent show. Since I still have warm fuzzies from the weekend, I knew today’s Words for Wednesday obviously needed to be of the love variety. I thought in the spirit of all things romantic, I’d share mine and Husband’s wedding vows with you! Continue reading Words For Wednesday: Wedding Vows

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QOTD: Snowflakes

QOTD: Snowflakes on Katie Crafts;

It snowed again yesterday! It was an interesting type of snow. It stuck immediately to the ground but looked quite funny as it accumulated, like it was composed of little fuzzy balls mixed with shards of glass! I was lucky enough to catch a perfect teeny snowflake on my glove, which inspired me to search for a quote about snowflakes.

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” – Unknown

Continue reading QOTD: Snowflakes

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him on Katie Crafts;

Katie and I each shared our picks for Valentine’s Day last year and it was an absolute blast seeing what we each picked. See my gifts for him post and Katie’s gifts for her post to check them out. We had so much fun perusing through Etsy that we decided to do it all over again for 2016! I really love seeing how our tastes change over the course of a year. Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him 2016

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Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen

Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen on Katie Crafts;

Remember a few weeks back when I visited Longwood Gardens? I snapped this gorgeous photo of hot pinkish purple-y cyclamen in the Conservatory and I’ve been waiting to share it! I love the white/silver succulents they paired them with, too. It really makes them pop! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen

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Motivation Monday: Travel

Motivation Monday: Travel on Katie Crafts;

Maybe it’s the several feet of snow keeping us inside the house, or maybe it’s just that time of year- but the Husband and I have mega wanderlust right now! We really want to plan a trip soon, though the where and when (and how!) are fuzzy. All this vacation talk made me want to look up some great quotes on traveling. I love this one from Susan Sontag, because it’s exactly how I feel! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Travel