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Nail Art: Bachelorette Party Design!

Bachelorette Party Nail Art Design by Katie Crafts;

Nail Art: Bachelorette Party Design!

I mentioned last weekend that I was in Atlantic City for my friend’s bachelorette party! I also said that I did a fun nail design that was pretty perfect for the occasion, and that I’d share it this week! Well, here we are! Hope you like it as much as I do. Continue reading Nail Art: Bachelorette Party Design!

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Nail Art: Butterfly Wings

Nail Art: Butterfly Wings Design by Katie Crafts;

Project: Butterfly Wing Nail Art Design

A few weeks ago, I shared a nail art design I was inspired to try called Monarch Butterfly nails! I was really psyched to try out the design so that I could wear them to the Philly Flower Show and to visit the butterflies! I did just that, putting my own spin on the design to make it more abstract, and using an array of different colors. Continue reading Nail Art: Butterfly Wings

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Nail Art: Classy Clovers

Nail Art: Classy Clovers by Katie Crafts;

Project: Classy Clovers Nail Art Tutorial

Saint Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year. That means all your parades, bar hopping and ridiculous “KISS ME, I’M IRISH!” outfits must be reserved for the weekend. Still, if you’d like to show a smidge of Irish Pride at your workplace come Monday, I have a lovely, simple and classy nail art design to help you celebrate! Continue reading Nail Art: Classy Clovers

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Nail Art: 80s Dance Party

Project: 80s Dance Party Nail Art Design

It’s very rare that my sister, Jessica, lets me paint her nails. However, when I brought home some really fun nail polish colors and told her it was for my blog, she agreed (she still, of course, rolled her eyes so hard they almost fell out of her head.) We dubbed it 80s Dance Party! Continue reading Nail Art: 80s Dance Party