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Spruce Street Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park on Katie Crafts;

Spruce Street Harbor Park

I love living in the city. There is just about everything you could possibly want all within walking distance. Still, there are certain things I miss about living in Jersey and having a car. Especially in the summer. Especially when it involved a random boardwalk trip. Luckily, Philly came up with a wonderful summertime idea: a pop up boardwalk/harbor/awesome place to hang out, drink beer and have funnel cake! Continue reading Spruce Street Harbor Park

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2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!

Philadelphia Flower Show! on Katie Crafts;

We spent the entire day yesterday {read: 6+ hours} at the Philadelphia Flower Show (and yes, I *did* in fact paint my nails to look like little butterfly wings for the occasion!). It was a wonderful date, as usual, and we took tons and tons of photos. Here’s just a glimpse of what we saw! Continue reading 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!