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All Moved In!

All Moved In! on Katie Crafts;

All our stuff is officially moved in, and we handed in our keys to our old apartment with a half hour to spare on Saturday night. Lucky is loving the new house, but Mabel- not so much!

Lucky is finding all the sunspots, intently watching birds outside the window and taking the stairs by storm hopping up three at a time. Such a brave little adventurer. Mabel, on the other hand, is terrified. It takes her 10 minutes and a lot of coaxing to get her to go down one flight- and there are three total! She’s hiding under every box and in every crevice she can find and is barely eating (which is her favorite activity) but there have been a couple times she looked a little at ease, and we managed to snap pics of them!

Lucky, sprawled out on his new fave blanket. Mabel found a sun spot!

I hope they both settle in soon. I know I won’t until all the unpacking is done- which probably won’t be til next year! Anyone want to help?? 😉