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Throwback Thursday: Cone of Shame

Throwback Thursday: Cone of Shame on Katie Crafts;

In order to adopt Mabel, she had to be fixed. We took her to our home straight from the vet, along with her cone of shame. She sported this plastic one that was too big for her for the first two days. Then she pulled it off in the middle of the night and ripped open her stitches. Ew! We ended up having to get a smaller blue cone for the remainder of her sentence, and wrapped gauze around her like a diaper. Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Cone of Shame

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Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen

Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen on Katie Crafts;

Here sits Mabel, Queen of the Pillows. The Husband and I were cracking up when Mabel decided of all the places to lounge, this would be her spot. We had a lofty afghan and four pillows stacked on top of a chair and she climbed up the side of the chair to the top and ever so carefully boarded her pillow kingdom. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Pillow Queen

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Wordless Wednesday: Stool Stealer

Wordless Wednesday: Stool Stealer on Katie Crafts;

It’s Wordless Wednesday, and also Woman Crush Wednesday, so why not do both?! Here’s a pic of Mabel, stealing the new stool I bought for my art table! My back hurts when I’d use my old one so I finally got around to getting a comfier one. I even bought a nice pillow this time. Mabel approves, and I haven’t had a chance to sit in it yet as it’s her new favorite spot! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Stool Stealer

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Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day on Katie Crafts;

Four years ago today, Husband (who at that point was just Boyfriend) and I officially adopted this little mush! We met Mabel through a friend who was fostering her and waited impatiently until she weighed enough to get fixed, as she couldn’t be adopted out until then. She was under 3 pounds for so long that they finally just fixed her anyway and we took her home as part of our family on December 16, 2011! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day