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Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day on Katie Crafts;

Four years ago today, Husband (who at that point was just Boyfriend) and I officially adopted this little mush! We met Mabel through a friend who was fostering her and waited impatiently until she weighed enough to get fixed, as she couldn’t be adopted out until then. She was under 3 pounds for so long that they finally just fixed her anyway and we took her home as part of our family on December 16, 2011! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day

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Wordless Wednesday: Love

Wordless Wednesday: Love on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Love

Since this whole week is devoted to Valentine’s Day, it’s appropriate that today’s photo is one from my parent’s wedding day. They got married on February 14th, 1976, which means it would have been their 39th anniversary this year. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Love

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Wordless Wednesday: Boardwalk

Wordless Wednesday: Boardwalk

As mentioned yesterday in my National Chocolate Day post, Husband and I went away for a long weekend to celebrate our one-year-married-anniversary. We headed to Atlantic City where we enjoyed free rooms, penny slots, lots of hot chocolates and coffees with Bailey’s while playing said slots, a couple gorgeous days walking the boardwalk and an extensive (and expensive) AC Outlets shopping trip. You wouldn’t think late October would be so nice on the shore, but it was so warm outside we couldn’t even handle wearing our jackets. The above pic is a shot of the boardwalk leading down to the beach, and below is one of the sand!  Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Boardwalk

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Katie Crafts 6 Month Blogiversary Party on Katie Crafts;

Hurray!! Today is Katie Crafts’ 6 month anniversary! While it’s true Katie Crafts’ Etsy store has been around quite some time, today marks the half-year celebration of the blog’s birth. Wow- half a year! I really can’t believe it. It’s been such a fun ride so far and I thank all you Katie Crafts readers who make blogging daily worthwhile. In just the last 6 months we have gone from two (me & the Husband!) to thousands of followers, and have posted over 250 blogs! No wonder my arthritis is acting up. Far too much typing for one girl! In honor of our 6 month blogiversary, enjoy 30% off anything from Katie Crafts on Etsy from now until August 31st! Just use coupon code YAY6MONTHS at checkout. A little thank you from me to you! And cheers to the next six months!!

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Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home

Last Saturday, we visited the place we wed and had a fun scavenger hunt finding designer birdhouses on the grounds! Check out the photos from Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home!

Last Saturday, the Husband and I went to the Morris Arboretum here in Philadelphia to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! It’s where we got married back in October, so we thought it would be a perfect place to go. It was also a completely gorgeous day, so it was definitely a great choice! When we got there, they happened to be celebrating Arbor Day with a “Home Tweet Home” Exhibit of designer birdhouses amongst the grounds! We grabbed a map and spent the next few hours on a birdhouse scavenger hunt! Continue reading Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home