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Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Adoption Day on Katie Crafts;

Four years ago today, Husband (who at that point was just Boyfriend) and I officially adopted this little mush! We met Mabel through a friend who was fostering her and waited impatiently until she weighed enough to get fixed, as she couldn’t be adopted out until then. She was under 3 pounds for so long that they finally just fixed her anyway and we took her home as part of our family on December 16, 2011!

Look at that little face in a cone of shame with singed whiskers from smelling a candle too closely (which she still does.) What a sweetie. She was crazed when she got back from all the drugs she was on- walking into walls, running around like a drunk maniac. We figured when the drugs wore off she’d be back to the sweet sleepy girl we’d met previously. Of course she didn’t, though! She was a crazy kitten for years! She’s finally our sweet little girl again now though. Only took 4 years!

Happy adoption day anniversary, Mabel! Mew mew mew!