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Wordless Wednesday: Shark Week

Wordless Wednesday: Shark Week on Katie Crafts;

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple weeks! I needed a little blogging break to start out the Summer- hope you didn’t miss me too much. 😉 It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, so I had to share a few pics of the sharks we saw at the National Aquarium! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Shark Week

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Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen

Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen on Katie Crafts;

Remember a few weeks back when I visited Longwood Gardens? I snapped this gorgeous photo of hot pinkish purple-y cyclamen in the Conservatory and I’ve been waiting to share it! I love the white/silver succulents they paired them with, too. It really makes them pop! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen

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Wordless Wednesday: Stool Stealer

Wordless Wednesday: Stool Stealer on Katie Crafts;

It’s Wordless Wednesday, and also Woman Crush Wednesday, so why not do both?! Here’s a pic of Mabel, stealing the new stool I bought for my art table! My back hurts when I’d use my old one so I finally got around to getting a comfier one. I even bought a nice pillow this time. Mabel approves, and I haven’t had a chance to sit in it yet as it’s her new favorite spot! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Stool Stealer

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Wordless Wednesday: Water Droplets

Wordless Wednesday: Water Droplets on Katie Crafts;

I went on a trip to Longwood Gardens last week to check out the Christmas displays before they were over. I’ll share a recap tomorrow with lots of photos from my trip (it was so pretty!) but I’m sharing my fave pic today! I took this one in the Conservatory right after some of the plants were sprayed with water. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Water Droplets