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Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen

Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen on Katie Crafts;

Remember a few weeks back when I visited Longwood Gardens? I snapped this gorgeous photo of hot pinkish purple-y cyclamen in the Conservatory and I’ve been waiting to share it! I love the white/silver succulents they paired them with, too. It really makes them pop! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Cyclamen

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A Longwood Christmas

A Longwood Christmas on Katie Crafts;

Yesterday I shared a photo from my trip to Longwood Gardens last week. Husband and I took the day off to make the trip and check out the Christmas light displays before they were gone. Plus, I try to do something special every year on what would be Mom’s birthday, so this was the perfect thing! Continue reading A Longwood Christmas

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Wordless Wednesday: Water Droplets

Wordless Wednesday: Water Droplets on Katie Crafts;

I went on a trip to Longwood Gardens last week to check out the Christmas displays before they were over. I’ll share a recap tomorrow with lots of photos from my trip (it was so pretty!) but I’m sharing my fave pic today! I took this one in the Conservatory right after some of the plants were sprayed with water. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Water Droplets

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Longwood Gardens Photo Recap!

Longwood Gardens Photo Recap! by Katie Crafts;

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying your well-deserved day off today. As promised, I have finally put together a photo recap post of our trip to Longwood Gardens! Stay in your jammies, snuggle into your couch, and get ready for some truly lovely photos. Continue reading Longwood Gardens Photo Recap!

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Words for Wednesday: Follow Your Bliss

Words for Wednesday: Follow Your Bliss on Katie Crafts;

This weekend I followed my bliss… right to Longwood Gardens! I have some pink dahlias in a pot in front of my house, but they aren’t loving the constant heat right now. I assumed this was something all dahlias had in common until I went to the gardens and found a huge courtyard filled with them! Continue reading Words for Wednesday: Follow Your Bliss