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Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing on Katie Crafts;

Sometimes it is easy to get pushed along in a certain direction with the rest of the crowd, but we must always try to forge our own way. It is Motivation Monday, so let’s aim to be like this beautiful tree top and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Instead, let’s do our own thing! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

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Motivation Monday: Travel

Motivation Monday: Travel on Katie Crafts;

Maybe it’s the several feet of snow keeping us inside the house, or maybe it’s just that time of year- but the Husband and I have mega wanderlust right now! We really want to plan a trip soon, though the where and when (and how!) are fuzzy. All this vacation talk made me want to look up some great quotes on traveling. I love this one from Susan Sontag, because it’s exactly how I feel! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Travel

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Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks

Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks on Katie Crafts;

Today’s Words for Wednesday are about tomorrow’s holiday! Here are a few quotes I gathered from Pinterest that are about giving thanks. They are both lovely sentiments and really pretty to look at, too! Enjoy these quotes and enjoy your Thanksgiving! Continue reading Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks

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Wordless Wednesday: Second Spring

Wordless Wednesday: Second Spring on Katie Crafts;

Happy Wednesday! I only just recently came across this quote, which I completely love! Considering the Fall is my favorite time of year, this Albert Camus quotation is pretty perfect and exactly how I feel about the season.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Isn’t it completely fitting!? Love it! Husband snapped this photo just yesterday. That’s pretty surprising, considering usually by my birthday (last week), most of the leaves are off the trees and I’ve missed the Fall entirely. Things stayed kind of warm this year and there are still plenty of changing colors and autumn hues to enjoy!

What other quotes about the season do you love? Share them below!