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Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing on Katie Crafts;

Sometimes it is easy to get pushed along in a certain direction with the rest of the crowd, but we must always try to forge our own way. It is Motivation Monday, so let’s aim to be like this beautiful tree top and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Instead, let’s do our own thing! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

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Motivation Monday: Travel

Motivation Monday: Travel on Katie Crafts;

Maybe it’s the several feet of snow keeping us inside the house, or maybe it’s just that time of year- but the Husband and I have mega wanderlust right now! We really want to plan a trip soon, though the where and when (and how!) are fuzzy. All this vacation talk made me want to look up some great quotes on traveling. I love this one from Susan Sontag, because it’s exactly how I feel! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Travel

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Motivation Monday: Be Brave

Motivation Monday: Be Brave on Katie Crafts;

Last year, I did a Featured Etsy Shop post for Fickle Fox Design (formerly Kyle Looby Jewelry). She gave away a beautiful “Be Brave” bracelet in the post, and sent me one as a thank you as well (along with a customized Katie Crafts one!) I wear Be Brave every day with my bangles, as a daily reminder. Continue reading Motivation Monday: Be Brave

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Motivation Monday: Be Awesome!

Motivation Monday: Be Awesome! on Katie Crafts;

I feel like we all may need a little motivation this Monday! Some people have already ushered their kids back off to school, some are enjoying the last week of Summer vacation before Labor Day arrives, some just had a long weekend in general! Whichever may be the case for you, remember to be awesome today! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Be Awesome!