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Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing on Katie Crafts;

Sometimes it is easy to get pushed along in a certain direction with the rest of the crowd, but we must always try to forge our own way. It is Motivation Monday, so let’s aim to be like this beautiful tree top and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Instead, let’s do our own thing! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Do Your Own Thing

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Words For Wednesday: Wedding Vows

Words for Wednesday: Wedding Vows on Katie Crafts;

Remember when I said last week that the Husband had a Valentine’s Day surprise for me? Well, he gifted me theatre tickets for Sunday night! We went to see “Harvey” at the Walnut Street Theatre and it was an excellent show. Since I still have warm fuzzies from the weekend, I knew today’s Words for Wednesday obviously needed to be of the love variety. I thought in the spirit of all things romantic, I’d share mine and Husband’s wedding vows with you! Continue reading Words For Wednesday: Wedding Vows

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QOTD: Snowflakes

QOTD: Snowflakes on Katie Crafts;

It snowed again yesterday! It was an interesting type of snow. It stuck immediately to the ground but looked quite funny as it accumulated, like it was composed of little fuzzy balls mixed with shards of glass! I was lucky enough to catch a perfect teeny snowflake on my glove, which inspired me to search for a quote about snowflakes.

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” – Unknown

Continue reading QOTD: Snowflakes

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Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks

Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks on Katie Crafts;

Today’s Words for Wednesday are about tomorrow’s holiday! Here are a few quotes I gathered from Pinterest that are about giving thanks. They are both lovely sentiments and really pretty to look at, too! Enjoy these quotes and enjoy your Thanksgiving! Continue reading Words For Wednesday: Give Thanks

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Motivation Monday: Be Awesome!

Motivation Monday: Be Awesome! on Katie Crafts;

I feel like we all may need a little motivation this Monday! Some people have already ushered their kids back off to school, some are enjoying the last week of Summer vacation before Labor Day arrives, some just had a long weekend in general! Whichever may be the case for you, remember to be awesome today! Continue reading Motivation Monday: Be Awesome!