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Words For Wednesday: Wedding Vows

Words for Wednesday: Wedding Vows on Katie Crafts;

Remember when I said last week that the Husband had a Valentine’s Day surprise for me? Well, he gifted me theatre tickets for Sunday night! We went to see “Harvey” at the Walnut Street Theatre and it was an excellent show. Since I still have warm fuzzies from the weekend, I knew today’s Words for Wednesday obviously needed to be of the love variety. I thought in the spirit of all things romantic, I’d share mine and Husband’s wedding vows with you! Continue reading Words For Wednesday: Wedding Vows

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A Special Look at my Fall Wedding…

A Special Look at my Fall Wedding... on Katie Crafts;

Come October, Husband and I will be celebrating 2 years of marriage (and 6 years of dating!) During our year and a half engagement, I spent the majority of my life crafting for the wedding! We wanted nature to guide our theme, as our wedding was outdoors at a beautiful arboretum. I’ve shared a few pics here and there of the big day, but never all my hand-crafted details. Today you get a special look at them! Continue reading A Special Look at my Fall Wedding…

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Wordless Wednesday: Love

Wordless Wednesday: Love on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Love

Since this whole week is devoted to Valentine’s Day, it’s appropriate that today’s photo is one from my parent’s wedding day. They got married on February 14th, 1976, which means it would have been their 39th anniversary this year. Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Love

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Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Begins

Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Begins

Today’s Wordless Wednesday post is all about Autumn, my favoritest season of the year! It means perfect weather, changing leaves, seasonal comfort foods and drinks, Halloween (yay!), my anniversary (yay x2!), birthday (yay again!) and Thanksgiving (quadruple yay!) My photo for today is one taken on my wedding day last October at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, shot by my extremely talented photographer, Erika Letitia! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Begins

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Wedding Mason Jars: 3 DIYs!

Wedding Mason Jars: 3 DIYs by Katie Crafts;

Wedding Mason Jars: 3 DIYs!

Last week’s 4th of July Mason Jar DIY made me think back to my wedding! I used Mason jars in a few different ways, and had even more ways that I had wanted to use them (but simply ran out of time to do so!) Since we are smack in the middle of Wedding Season right now, I thought there would be no better time to share some great do-it-yourself ideas on how to use Mason jars at your own rustic shabby chic wedding!

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