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Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Begins

Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Begins

Today’s Wordless Wednesday post is all about Autumn, my favoritest season of the year! It means perfect weather, changing leaves, seasonal comfort foods and drinks, Halloween (yay!), my anniversary (yay x2!), birthday (yay again!) and Thanksgiving (quadruple yay!) My photo for today is one taken on my wedding day last October at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, shot by my extremely talented photographer, Erika Letitia!

While shooting pics before the ceremony when the garden grounds were still open to the public, a random stranger told Erika how to do her job, and that she shouldn’t be shooting photos the way she was. What nerve! He was trying to get a good shot of this hawk while saying she couldn’t, so she stepped right in and took the amazing shot above. It’s still one of my favorites, especially since it’s such a funny quirk from the day!

I’ll post another great Autumn shot next Wednesday, as taken by our other photographer that day! It’s gorgeous Fall scenery that I adore!

What do you love about the most about the Fall?