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First Day of Fall Faves

First Day of Fall Faves by Katie Crafts;

Today is officially the beginning of Fall! Yippee! Autumn is by far my favorite season, and it is way too short in my opinion. With how long Summer has become in recent years (it’s in the high 80’s all week here still!!!) and how quickly Winter comes upon us, Fall seems to get lost in the middle. SO! Let’s take a little time to celebrate the BEST season of the year with some of my first day of Fall faves! Continue reading First Day of Fall Faves

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Wordless Wednesday: Second Spring

Wordless Wednesday: Second Spring on Katie Crafts;

Happy Wednesday! I only just recently came across this quote, which I completely love! Considering the Fall is my favorite time of year, this Albert Camus quotation is pretty perfect and exactly how I feel about the season.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Isn’t it completely fitting!? Love it! Husband snapped this photo just yesterday. That’s pretty surprising, considering usually by my birthday (last week), most of the leaves are off the trees and I’ve missed the Fall entirely. Things stayed kind of warm this year and there are still plenty of changing colors and autumn hues to enjoy!

What other quotes about the season do you love? Share them below!

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My Etsy Picks: Thanksgiving Faves

My Etsy Picks: Thanksgiving Faves on Katie Crafts;

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today! It’s been my holiday to cook for over ten years, but this year we are heading to my aunt’s house instead. I’ll miss cooking everything, but I’ll still enjoy my favorite meal of the year- and this year I’ll get to actually see the Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is pretty awesome! Whatever you are doing for the holiday, there is something on this shopping list that would make your family gathering even better! Continue reading My Etsy Picks: Thanksgiving Faves

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My Etsy Picks: Halloween Favorites

My Etsy Picks: Halloween Favorites on Katie Crafts;

It’s only the first week of October, and you probably already see a recurring theme on my blog posts: Halloween! I just can’t get enough of it! Today I’m sharing a bunch of my favorite Etsy Halloween picks. Expect more of the theme throughout the month! Continue reading My Etsy Picks: Halloween Favorites

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Fall Nail Art

Fall Nail Art Design on Katie Crafts;

We went to a Fall festival over the weekend and it really got me in the spirit of the season! As if I really needed any more help… 😉 Husband just bought me a six pack of fun Fall colored nail polishes by Kleancolor Nail Lacquer so I decided to try them all out and design a little fall nail art! Continue reading Fall Nail Art