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Spring Flowers Nail Art

Spring Flowers Nail Art Tutorial by Katie Crafts;

It’s April already! Wow! The year is flying by and the weather is changing every day. I saw tons of beautiful flowers and trees blooming all over this weekend so I figured I may as well try a new Spring Flowers nail art design for Manicure Monday! This one incorporates negative space, happy Spring colors, flowers and rhinestones for a really fun look. Continue reading Spring Flowers Nail Art

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Nail Art Stamping

Nail Art Stamping on Katie Crafts;

A few years ago, Husband bought me a stamping kit to further my nail art obsession. I tried it a few times and did not have much luck. Next week we are going to the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show (my favorite day of the year!) and I want to have some super cute floral stamped nails for the occasion. I decided I should test out the nail art stamping technique once again! Continue reading Nail Art Stamping

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Glittering Valentine’s Day Nails

Glittering Valentine's Day Nails, tutorial from Katie Crafts;

The last Valentine’s day nail art look I shared was a very simple red glitter polish. I went a step further this time and used actual glitter in the design! I was going to make little hearts and stuff, but I decided this look was classier and more versatile. Besides, I can’t say no to glittering Valentine’s Day nails! Continue reading Glittering Valentine’s Day Nails

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Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Nails

Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Nails on Katie Crafts;

Valentine’s Day is in less than a month! That means I have a few more Manicure Mondays to figure out how I want to wear my nails on February 14th. My first design is a mega simple one, that requires no skill and just a few coats of polish. Try my quick & easy Valentine’s Day nails if you’re in a rush or looking for something effortless! Continue reading Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Nails

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Autumn Owls Nail Art

Autumn Owls Nail Art Tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Full disclosure: I’m a little obsessed with owls. There are owl related items in various places around my house. One of my favorite shirts has a big metallic owl on it. I watch cute videos of owls whenever they pop up in my feed. Honestly, I’m surprised it took me this long to make some fun owl nail art- but I think it came out pretty great! Here’s a tutorial so you can get the look too! Continue reading Autumn Owls Nail Art