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Day of the Dead Easy DIY Veil

Day of the Dead Easy DIY Veil Tutorial on Katie Crafts;

Husband and I are going to be sugar skulls for Halloween this year! He’s wearing a full on skeleton suit, complete with a top hat and bowtie, and I’m wearing a dress, stockings, skeleton gloves, jewelry and a veil. I’m also painting both our faces as sugar skulls! Finding the kind of veil I wanted was difficult. The options were either not what I was looking for or way too expensive- so I decided to make my own! Continue reading Day of the Dead Easy DIY Veil

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5 Halloween Knit Patterns

Five Halloween Knit Patterns on Katie Crafts;

I was so excited to find all the Halloween Crochet Patterns a few weeks ago, that I decided to do a follow up post only with knits! Check out these five wonderful knit patterns I found on Ravelry that are completely perfect for the upcoming holiday. Continue reading 5 Halloween Knit Patterns

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Tombstone Nail Art

Tombstone Nail Art Tutorial for Halloween on Katie Crafts;

Halloween is in just two weeks! That means I have at least one more chance (maybe two!) to try out some Halloween nail art designs to go with my costume. This week I’m rocking some tombstone nail art that was SUPER easy to do, since I used a Sharpie! Continue reading Tombstone Nail Art

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Boo-tiful Halloween Nail Art

Boo-tiful Halloween Nail Art Tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Happy Monday! With less than three weeks to go til Halloween, I started playing around with the nail art I wanted to try, and came up with this super easy and boo-tiful design! It’s what I wore to New York Comic Con over the weekend (long recap post on that coming later in the week!) Check out how to make these super cute nails below! Continue reading Boo-tiful Halloween Nail Art