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Day of the Dead Easy DIY Veil

Day of the Dead Easy DIY Veil Tutorial on Katie Crafts;

Husband and I are going to be sugar skulls for Halloween this year! He’s wearing a full on skeleton suit, complete with a top hat and bowtie, and I’m wearing a dress, stockings, skeleton gloves, jewelry and a veil. I’m also painting both our faces as sugar skulls! Finding the kind of veil I wanted was difficult. The options were either not what I was looking for or way too expensive- so I decided to make my own!

The materials for this were just $10 total and it took under 5 minutes to make. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my money on an expensive veil I didn’t really like! Listed below are the materials I used, where I bought them and what they cost, so you can complete your own last minute veil in time for Saturday! Then, follow the simple steps and voilá: a Dia de los Muertos veil perfect to wear for October 31st AND November 1st & 2nd!!


  • Black Lace Doily: Target, $5*
  • Black Headband: A.C. Moore, $1
  • Silk Flowers in Red, Purple and Gold: A.C. Moore, $4 on sale**
  • Hot Glue Gun: any craft store, varying prices (but can be mega cheap!)

*I searched Amazon, and went to two craft stores looking for black lace fabric I could buy by the yard to make this veil, and turned up NOTHING!! Then while going through the Halloween decorations section at Target I saw the perfect large round black lace spiderweb doily!

**I only used a few of the flower heads, so I threw out the stems for those and put the rest of the silk bouquet in a vase for my table! Now my veil and my tablescape will match. 🙂

Follow the photos below to make this very simple veil. If you need more help, let me know in the comments! Feel free to PIN the below image and share it with your friends!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see pics of my full outfit/veil/makeup look on Halloween!!

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

2 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Easy DIY Veil

  1. I love your veil! Cannot wait to see your full outfits!

  2. Awesome DIY Katie! This is perfect for Halloween and is easy enough to make if someone is very last minute.

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