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My Etsy Picks: Halloween Favorites

My Etsy Picks: Halloween Favorites on Katie Crafts;

It’s only the first week of October, and you probably already see a recurring theme on my blog posts: Halloween! I just can’t get enough of it! Today I’m sharing a bunch of my favorite Etsy Halloween picks. Expect more of the theme throughout the month! Continue reading My Etsy Picks: Halloween Favorites

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Origami with The Husband: Easy Halloween Bat

Origami Halloween Bat Tutorial on Katie Crafts

Project: Origami Easy Halloween Bat Tutorial

Hey everyone, Husband here! I’m back after a longer than intended absence with a new origami for you! I’m not sure if you all know, but Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around here– Katie absolutely ADORES it and seeing her get into it as much as she does really makes me love it even more.

Get out your scariest crafting supplies and let’s do this! Continue reading Origami with The Husband: Easy Halloween Bat

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5 Halloween Crochet Patterns

5 Halloween Crochet Patterns on Katie Crafts;

Halloween is coming! Yippee! In anticipation of my favorite day of the year, I’ve started pinning a million Halloween decoration and DIY ideas. I also decided to grab a few Halloween crochet patterns to make before October 31st. Here are five I can’t wait to try- maybe you’ll find one you love too! Continue reading 5 Halloween Crochet Patterns

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Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats on Katie Crafts;

Halloween Treats: 2 Easy Recipes

Though I didn’t get to make any of these treats this year, they have both been on my table at some point or another! They are very easy (and fun) and so I thought I’d share them with you in case you want to add them to you Halloween party menu! Continue reading Halloween Treats

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Nail Art Design: Halloween Manicure!

Nail Art Design: Halloween Nails by Katie Crafts;

Nail Art Design: Halloween Manicure!

Yay! Halloween is almost here! Since the evening of Halloween I will be sporting a plain manicure to go with my costume (I’m dressing up as Blair Waldorf and Husband will be Chuck Bass. <3 Gossip Girl <3 ), I decided to do my Halloween design early this year! Just like last year, I couldn’t decide on just one look and so I painted each of my nails a little differently. They all turned out pretty cute! Continue reading Nail Art Design: Halloween Manicure!