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Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan

Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan on Katie Crafts;

I have been so busy lately! Last week we spent a weekend in Washington D.C. (photos of that trip coming later this week!), then this week we ran around town doing errands and planted all our plants in front and back of our house. In between, I’ve been occupying my time (and hands) with a new crochet project! This Vintage Ripple Blocks Afghan pattern from Angela Marie on Ravelry is just too cute. Continue reading Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan

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Crocheted Baby Hat Giveaway

Crocheted Baby Hat Giveaway by Katie Crafts;

?On the third day of Christmas, Katie Crafts gave to me…?

A sweet little handmade hat for your baby! I crocheted this little guy using baby alpaca yarn so it is sure to keep your little one’s head super cozy! Want to win it for your baby girl? Enter the crocheted baby hat giveaway below! Continue reading Crocheted Baby Hat Giveaway

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Riptide Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern

Riptide Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern on Katie Crafts;

It isn’t quite cold enough for our Winter hats yet (we’ve only worn them but a few times), but it’s definitely not too early to start making your own! While I have several I already wear, my Husband only has one, and he wanted a new one! He picked out a skein of yarn at Hobby Lobby and found this amazing free pattern online for the Riptide Slouch Hat by Meladora’s Creations. Continue reading Riptide Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern

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5 Halloween Crochet Patterns

5 Halloween Crochet Patterns on Katie Crafts;

Halloween is coming! Yippee! In anticipation of my favorite day of the year, I’ve started pinning a million Halloween decoration and DIY ideas. I also decided to grab a few Halloween crochet patterns to make before October 31st. Here are five I can’t wait to try- maybe you’ll find one you love too! Continue reading 5 Halloween Crochet Patterns

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Clever Crafter’s Guide to Wool

Clever Crafter's Guide to Wool on Katie Crafts;

Whether you are a crochet or knit beginner or a yarn aficionado, it’s always fun to learn new things about the most important supply in your stash. One of the best kinds of yarns to use (in my opinion) is wool, so here are some stats and facts about where wool around the world comes from, as well as some tips on the different types!

This very helpful infographic about wool comes to us courtesy of Tom Melby, owner and director of animal shearing equipment company Clippers Ireland. Thank you so much for sharing!

I’m currently working on two additions to my crocheted amigurumi fruit bowl: a smiley orange and a happy pear. Stay tuned for both those patterns!

What is your favorite kind of yarn to use?