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Small Crocheted Bowl

Small Crocheted Bowl by Katie Crafts;

Project: Small Crocheted Bowl Pattern

You may remember me mentioning that I acquired a new crafting desk from IKEA the other day. I won’t be posting photos of it til it’s 100% completed and adorable, but in the process of getting it to that point I’m finding I need more storage baskets and bowls than I’d realized. Rather than buy even more than I already have, I thought I’d take a stab at making them myself! Continue reading Small Crocheted Bowl

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Featured Etsy Shop: Made With Sweetness


Featured Etsy Shop: Made With Sweetness

If you weren’t already aware, the entire month of March is National Crochet Month! In celebration of such, I’ll be featuring one Etsy shop each week that specializes in crocheted items! First up is the very talented Zainab of Made With Sweetness! You’re going to love the handmade headbands and flowers!
Continue reading Featured Etsy Shop: Made With Sweetness

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How To Make T-Shirt Yarn

Project: How To Make T-Shirt Yarn

A few days ago, I posted a super easy DIY tutorial on how to make No Sew Braided Headbands. In case you were waiting for the weekend to arrive to try the project out, and have found yourself ready to begin but without the needed t-shirt yarn: fear not! I will show you in FIVE minutes with only TWO materials what to do to make your own! Continue reading How To Make T-Shirt Yarn

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Crash Course in Crochet

So you’ve decided to take up crocheting. Congrats! You’ve picked a great time to start: March is National Crochet Month, and it’s coming up fast! Before you pick up your hook, you’ll need to understand the pattern you are reading. To ready yourself for a month of crochet hooks and yarn, I’ve put together a small crash course in crochet: how to read a pattern and things every beginner should know! Continue reading Crash Course in Crochet

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5 Minute Crocheted Hearts

Project: 5 Minute Crocheted Hearts

Continuing Valentine’s themes this week, here is a super simple crochet pattern for mini crocheted hearts! Each one takes only FIVE minutes to make. Make as many as you like in all different colors! Turn them in to ornaments, string them together to make door banners, use them as decoration on your homemade Valentine’s cards– so many options! Continue reading 5 Minute Crocheted Hearts