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Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan

Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan on Katie Crafts;

I have been so busy lately! Last week we spent a weekend in Washington D.C. (photos of that trip coming later this week!), then this week we ran around town doing errands and planted all our plants in front and back of our house. In between, I’ve been occupying my time (and hands) with a new crochet project! This Vintage Ripple Blocks Afghan pattern from Angela Marie on Ravelry is just too cute. Continue reading Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan

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Riptide Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern

Riptide Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern on Katie Crafts;

It isn’t quite cold enough for our Winter hats yet (we’ve only worn them but a few times), but it’s definitely not too early to start making your own! While I have several I already wear, my Husband only has one, and he wanted a new one! He picked out a skein of yarn at Hobby Lobby and found this amazing free pattern online for the Riptide Slouch Hat by Meladora’s Creations. Continue reading Riptide Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern

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5 Halloween Crochet Patterns

5 Halloween Crochet Patterns on Katie Crafts;

Halloween is coming! Yippee! In anticipation of my favorite day of the year, I’ve started pinning a million Halloween decoration and DIY ideas. I also decided to grab a few Halloween crochet patterns to make before October 31st. Here are five I can’t wait to try- maybe you’ll find one you love too! Continue reading 5 Halloween Crochet Patterns

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Amigurumi Cherries Pattern

Amigurumi Cherries Pattern on Katie Crafts;

Happy Monday! Last week, I shared a to-die-for homemade cherry pie filling recipe. Later this week, I’ll talk about the tarts that I used the filling in. In keeping with my cherry theme, today’s post is a crochet pattern to make the cutest Amigurumi cherries you ever did see! Maybe I’ll have to do some cherry nail art this week too, to round off my week of cherries! Continue reading Amigurumi Cherries Pattern

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10 Free Bag Tutorials

10 Free Bag Tutorials on Katie Crafts;

I love finding blog posts that host a whole array of free patterns all together in one list, so I figured, “Why not do that myself?” One of the very first things I ever tried to sew was a reversible tote bag, and it’s still one of my favorite ones to date. Here are even more great bag patterns so that you have your pick at bunch! Continue reading 10 Free Bag Tutorials

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Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern

Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern on Katie Crafts;

Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern

One of my favorite things to buy when I head to the bookstore with Husband is crafting and crochet magazines. A few months ago I bought “Love of Crochet” magazine’s Fall issue and in it was a Vintage Hat pattern that I have used a ton of times already. I’m not kidding- I’ve made 7 of these hats already! They are SUPER easy and work up very quickly, so I can knock one out in under two hours, making them fantastic Christmas gifts. Continue reading Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern