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Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan

Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan on Katie Crafts;

I have been so busy lately! Last week we spent a weekend in Washington D.C. (photos of that trip coming later this week!), then this week we ran around town doing errands and planted all our plants in front and back of our house. In between, I’ve been occupying my time (and hands) with a new crochet project! This Vintage Ripple Blocks Afghan pattern from Angela Marie on Ravelry is just too cute.

I am using a slight variation to make the chevrons deeper and wider, but the pattern otherwise is perfect. It is SUPER easy so I can zone out watching TV while doing this simultaneously, which is my favorite kind of pattern. 🙂

I’ll be sure to add the finished product when it’s all done, but that will probably be a little while! I just wanted to share the pattern now (linked above) so you can try it too if you’re looking for a new project!

Here are the fabulous colors I’m using (alternating stripes), 2 skeins of each:

-Bernat Super Value: Lilac

-Bernat Super Value: Dark Mauve

-Bernat Super Value: Teal Heather

-Bernat Super Value: Aqua

-Bernat Super Value: Hot Blue

Aren’t these colors so fun!? What are you working on right now?


5 thoughts on “Vintage Rippling Blocks Afghan

  1. Wow! How big are you going to make the afghan?

    1. Aiming for 4×6, but who knows what it will turn out to be! haha

  2. I love the patterns that are not very easy (just like this one). Jealous that you can find time for crochet (and have patience for it too!). Can’t wait to see the result!

    1. I go to a knitting class everything Thursday, where I sit and crochet for two hours. Even if that’s the only time each week I get to spend on it, I expect it will come along quickly since it’s such an easy pattern!

  3. I’m excited to see the final product Katie!!

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