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Scrappy Kitty Sewing Pattern

Scrappy Kitty Sewing Pattern on Katie Crafts;

Meet Scrappy! He’s a curious little kitty with a giant tilted head and stitches all over who likes to sit in his chair and stare at me while I work. He is my Husband’s spirit animal. The original pattern comes from Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang and is called the Pointy Kitty Pattern. Continue reading Scrappy Kitty Sewing Pattern

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Amigurumi Cherries Pattern

Amigurumi Cherries Pattern on Katie Crafts;

Happy Monday! Last week, I shared a to-die-for homemade cherry pie filling recipe. Later this week, I’ll talk about the tarts that I used the filling in. In keeping with my cherry theme, today’s post is a crochet pattern to make the cutest Amigurumi cherries you ever did see! Maybe I’ll have to do some cherry nail art this week too, to round off my week of cherries! Continue reading Amigurumi Cherries Pattern

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Crocheted Amigurumi Hippo Pattern

Crochet Hippo Amigurumi Pattern on Katie Crafts;

Project: Crocheted Amigurumi Hippo Pattern

A few people in my family and friends circle are currently pregnant! That means come 2015 there will be a few baby showers that I’ll be attending, so I figured I better start making a ton of baby gifts now in preparation! Since we don’t know the sexes of the babies-to-be yet, I’m looking for gender-neutral projects that any little one could play with. In addition to some cute baby blankets (post-to-come!), play mats and clothing, I have been busy crocheting little zoo animals at my weekly Crochet/Knit class! The first one I completed was this adorable little hippo! Continue reading Crocheted Amigurumi Hippo Pattern

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Small Crocheted Bowl

Small Crocheted Bowl by Katie Crafts;

Project: Small Crocheted Bowl Pattern

You may remember me mentioning that I acquired a new crafting desk from IKEA the other day. I won’t be posting photos of it til it’s 100% completed and adorable, but in the process of getting it to that point I’m finding I need more storage baskets and bowls than I’d realized. Rather than buy even more than I already have, I thought I’d take a stab at making them myself! Continue reading Small Crocheted Bowl

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Pixel Heart Pillow

Project: Pixel Heart Pillow

Happy Valentine’s Day! After a week of celebrating heart shaped projects, the day is finally here. The Husband and I are keeping it simple: dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant up the street and a bottle or two of wine. I made him a very special (and delicious!) Valentine’s treat that I’ll disclose the recipe for tomorrow morning, along with this super cute pixel heart pillow! Continue reading Pixel Heart Pillow