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Crocheted Baby Hat Giveaway

Crocheted Baby Hat Giveaway by Katie Crafts;

?On the third day of Christmas, Katie Crafts gave to me…?

A sweet little handmade hat for your baby! I crocheted this little guy using baby alpaca yarn so it is sure to keep your little one’s head super cozy! Want to win it for your baby girl? Enter the crocheted baby hat giveaway below! Continue reading Crocheted Baby Hat Giveaway

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How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu

How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Project: How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu

My best friend from home, K, is having her second baby TODAY– this time a little girl! She found lots of things on Etsy that she wants to get baby-to-be, but most of them are very expensive. I told her I’d take care of a few of them myself, including the tutu she wanted for the newborn photos! This project was so much fun and maybe one of the easiest I’ve made, using just a simple slip knot technique. I wish I had a reason to make a ton more! Continue reading How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu

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How To Make Baby Headbands

How To Make a Baby Headband Tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Project: How To Make Baby Headbands

Last week, you learned how to make those adorable 5 minute tulle pom pom flowers… and now you know why! It is so that you can make your very own super sweet baby headbands! (But let’s be honest, you can make one for yourself, too, if you really want!) My bestie from home is due to have her second child, this time a little girl, in about three weeks. Obviously, she needed some newborn headbands to rock in the nursery. I felt I had to step in and help! Continue reading How To Make Baby Headbands

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Crocheted Amigurumi Hippo Pattern

Crochet Hippo Amigurumi Pattern on Katie Crafts;

Project: Crocheted Amigurumi Hippo Pattern

A few people in my family and friends circle are currently pregnant! That means come 2015 there will be a few baby showers that I’ll be attending, so I figured I better start making a ton of baby gifts now in preparation! Since we don’t know the sexes of the babies-to-be yet, I’m looking for gender-neutral projects that any little one could play with. In addition to some cute baby blankets (post-to-come!), play mats and clothing, I have been busy crocheting little zoo animals at my weekly Crochet/Knit class! The first one I completed was this adorable little hippo! Continue reading Crocheted Amigurumi Hippo Pattern

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DIY Baby Play Mat

DIY Baby Play Mat with Tags Tutorial on Katie Crafts;

Project: DIY Baby Play Mat (with Tags!)

Today’s project is a very simple sewing one, perfect for a beginner! If you’ve done any of my other projects successfully, you can certainly pull this one off with ease. It would make an adorable gift for a mommy-to-be for her future little one as a play mat to play on or a tiny blankie to cuddle with! The different sized and textured tags will keep baby stimulated and occupied. Plus it’s adorable! Continue reading DIY Baby Play Mat