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Fashion Inspiration: Cherry Blossoms

Fashion Inspiration: Cherry Blossoms on Katie Crafts;

I’m spending the weekend in Washington D.C. to check out (what’s left of) the cherry blossoms! It’s something I’ve always wanted to see, since I love when the bloom around Philly. Of course, several bad storms have knocked most of the petals off the trees, but I can’t wait to walk around anyway! It’s pretty obvious why I picked cherry blossoms for my fashion inspiration today! Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Cherry Blossoms

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Fashion Inspiration: Thanksgiving 2015

Fashion Inspiration: Thanksgiving 2015 on Katie Crafts;

Thanksgiving is just a week away! I’ve given you a few great ideas for themed nail art (did you like the leaves or the owls better?) and I’ve handed you a pretty great Thanksgiving shopping list, too! Since Turkey Day is just one week away, I figured I’d share my Fashion Inspiration for the holiday as well. Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Thanksgiving 2015

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Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear

Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear on Katie Crafts;

Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear

The Summer is officially here in just three days! Many people have already been flocking to the shore to enjoy the sunshine, but many more will be there soon. That’s why today’s Fashion Inspiration is inspired by the beach, and almost all items were found at Target! Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear

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How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu

How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu tutorial by Katie Crafts;

Project: How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu

My best friend from home, K, is having her second baby TODAY– this time a little girl! She found lots of things on Etsy that she wants to get baby-to-be, but most of them are very expensive. I told her I’d take care of a few of them myself, including the tutu she wanted for the newborn photos! This project was so much fun and maybe one of the easiest I’ve made, using just a simple slip knot technique. I wish I had a reason to make a ton more! Continue reading How to Make a No Sew Baby Tutu