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Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear

Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear on Katie Crafts;

Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear

The Summer is officially here in just three days! Many people have already been flocking to the shore to enjoy the sunshine, but many more will be there soon. That’s why today’s Fashion Inspiration is inspired by the beach, and almost all items were found at Target!

I found a couple bikinis from Target’s mix and match section, and though I haven’t worn a bikini in a long time, there is no denying how cute some of them are- especially crocheted ones! There are also tons of beach-ready accessories (I’m a sucker for a floppy hat) that you can find too! The only thing NOT from Target is my copper knot ring from Etsy!

Check out all my finds below.

Luxe Beach Towel: Target

Floppy Hat: Target

Mix & Match Bikinis: Target

Oversized Sarong Scarf: Target

Woven Straw Tote: Target

Gold Flip Flops: Target

Braided Sandals: Target

Essie Nail Polish “In The Cab-ana”: Target

Copper Knot Ring: Katie Crafts

BTW that lovely oversized purple sarong scarf, can be worn around your neck like a scarf, tied around your neck or bustline like a dress, or around your waist like a sarong. I love items with multiple options!

Which beachy item is your fave?

3 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration: Beachwear

  1. Awesome finds, Katie! I love the floppy hat too 🙂

  2. Summer Style wants, we don’t have a Target over here so your making us jealous!!

    See what I’m wishing for this side

  3. Awesome choices Katie! Love that beach towel, Target has such great finds. And I agree with you on the purple scarf. It’s so pretty and I think it’d be nice around the neck or tied around the waist.

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