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10 Free Bag Tutorials

10 Free Bag Tutorials on Katie Crafts;

I love finding blog posts that host a whole array of free patterns all together in one list, so I figured, “Why not do that myself?” One of the very first things I ever tried to sew was a reversible tote bag, and it’s still one of my favorite ones to date. Here are even more great bag patterns so that you have your pick at bunch!

I scoured the webs and found these wonderful blogs with free bag tutorials for their readers. I can’t wait to try each of these tutorials out, because who can have too many bags?! Be sure to check each of them out below!

  1. Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial by Katie Crafts
  2. Pleated Pouch Tutorial with Pattern by Lemon Squeezy Home
  3. School Party Satchel by ikatbag
  4. Ruffle Zip Pouches by See Kate Sew
  5. Little Betty Bag by The Mother Huddle
  6. Bucket Bag by Elvie Studio
  7. Fairly Bucket Bag by Sew Mama Sew
  8. The Tohoku Tote by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
  9. The Grandview Bag by The Boy Trifecta
  10. Buttercup Bag by Made By Rae

What other patterns should I make lists of? Which is your fave bag?