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Wordless Wednesday: Vatican City

Wordless Wednesday: Vatican City on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Vatican City

On our honeymoon to Italy, we crammed a lot of awesome stuff in to our small trip. One of the things we visited while in Rome was the Vatican. This was a view from the window of St. Peter’s Basilica (or the Sistine Chapel… I can’t remember which). I’ve always been a huge fan of city views, but the ones in Italy definitely take the cake.

While we were there, we took a tour and learned a lot about Vatican City. We learned it’s totally walled in all around. We learned it is the tiniest internationally recognized independent state, though not requiring a passport to enter. We learned that it’s near impossible to follow a Roman tour guide while he runs at the speed of light through the Basilica, and that he will drop you off and leave in a totally different spot than you started so that you have no idea where you are. We also learned it is incredibly easy to get lost inside the walls and wander the same streets for an hour and a half until you find a way out.

At least we got some amazing photos while we were there, and some rosary beads for my Grams. 🙂

I’ll have to post more pics from our trip one of these days, as we have quite a few spectacular ones! It was definitely my favorite vacation ever. Which is your most memorable trip?

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Vatican City

  1. This just makes me want to go on vacation 🙂 I am not a beach person, this is what I like to do also when travelling… Look at the cities!

  2. I dream of visiting Italy one day…Yes, you will definitely have to post more pics from this trip. I need the virtual postcards!

  3. Wow beautiful! Italy is on my list of places to visit and I intend on going one day!

  4. What a gorgeous view! I bet you have got a lot more beautiful pictures to show from your honeymoon.

  5. Stunning sky! What an amazing choice for a honeymoon.

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