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Tax Tips for Online Sellers

Tax Tips for Online Sellers on Katie Crafts;

Tax season is almost over. The dreaded-by-many Tax Day is usually April 15th, but this year will be April 18th- so you procrastinators out there have a little extra time! As an Etsy seller myself, I know how confusing selling online can be when it comes time to file taxes. Any little bit of advice can help, so I was thankful to see this infographic from the US Tax Center! Continue reading Tax Tips for Online Sellers

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Coffee with the Husband: National Coffee Day 2015

Coffee with the Husband: National Coffee Day on Katie Crafts

Hey everyone! Today is National Coffee Day and I absolute LOVE coffee (technically it should be International Coffee Day and even more technically it should officially take place on October 1st according to Wikipedia, but everyone else seems to be celebrating today so we’ll go with it). I took this chance to commandeer the blog from Katie for a day so I could give you some super interesting factoids to read about coffee while you sip your favorite morning drink– hopefully coffee but if it’s something else don’t worry, I love you all equally!

Even if infographics aren’t your thing, don’t forget to check out where you can get your National Coffee Day freebies today! Continue reading Coffee with the Husband: National Coffee Day 2015

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Clever Crafter’s Guide to Wool

Clever Crafter's Guide to Wool on Katie Crafts;

Whether you are a crochet or knit beginner or a yarn aficionado, it’s always fun to learn new things about the most important supply in your stash. One of the best kinds of yarns to use (in my opinion) is wool, so here are some stats and facts about where wool around the world comes from, as well as some tips on the different types!

This very helpful infographic about wool comes to us courtesy of Tom Melby, owner and director of animal shearing equipment company Clippers Ireland. Thank you so much for sharing!

I’m currently working on two additions to my crocheted amigurumi fruit bowl: a smiley orange and a happy pear. Stay tuned for both those patterns!

What is your favorite kind of yarn to use?