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Frankenstein Nail Art Tutorial

Frankenstein Nail Art Tutorial on Katie Crafts;

Halloween is under a week away! My last nail design for this season is my favorite so far. It’s a spooky twist on a french tip and was very easy to do. Hope you enjoy my Frankenstein nail art!


  • Clear top/base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Green shimmer nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Nail art gems for eyes
  • Nail art brush


  • Beginning with clean, dry nails, do a coat of clear and let it dry.
  • Paint your accent nails (I picked my ring fingers and thumbs) with a coat of white. Let dry.
  • Paint the rest of your nails with a white french tip. Let dry.
  • Use the green nail polish to completely cover all white polish. The white will help the green POP! Let dry completely.
  • Do a second coat of green if needed. Let dry.
  • Use the nail art brush dipped in black nail polish to draw a line separating the bottom of the french tip and your nail on each regular nail. Draw some hair and a line for the mouth on the accent nails. Let dry.
  • Go back over the lines to darken them, and make small stitches on each. Let dry.
  • Use the white nail polish to make small eyes (that are slightly bigger than the gems) on each Frankenstein face. Let dry.
  • Use clear polish to seal in your look. Before the clear dries, stick the rhinestone gems on the white dots to make the eyeballs.

Aren’t these little monsters cute!? I looooove them! And I really love how simple they were to do! I hope you enjoyed them too! Let me know if you get a chance to try out this tutorial!

What are your Halloween costume/beauty/nail art plans?

2 thoughts on “Frankenstein Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Awesome Halloween nail design! I will have a blog post with a Halloween costume on Thursday. I won’t wear it, but I wish I could 🙂

  2. I love that shade of green! That is a super cute Frankenstein in the last photo too.

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