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Nail Art Stamping

Nail Art Stamping on Katie Crafts;

A few years ago, Husband bought me a stamping kit to further my nail art obsession. I tried it a few times and did not have much luck. Next week we are going to the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show (my favorite day of the year!) and I want to have some super cute floral stamped nails for the occasion. I decided I should test out the nail art stamping technique once again! Continue reading Nail Art Stamping

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Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap by Katie Crafts;

Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

As you know, last week the Husband and I went on our annual date to the Philadelphia Flower Show! It’s my favorite event of the year. It happened to be a crazy snowstorm that day, so it was basically empty, which meant we were able to take our time and examine pretty much every inch of it without crowds pushing us out of the way or a hundred people ruining each photo. The theme was “Celebrating The Movies” and it was wonderful. Continue reading Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

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Wordless Wednesday: Butterfly

Wordless Wednesday: Butterfly on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Butterfly

I’m slowly getting better at this “Wordless Wednesday” thing, and trying REALLY hard to not post a ton of WORDS with it! This shot was taken last week at the Flower Show. A full recap post is coming up with tons of pics of gorgeous floral displays, flower closeups and more butterflies, but I had to share this one early. This beauty fluttered over in the “Butterfly Experience” tent and landed right on my sweater. She looks like she belongs, doesn’t she?

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2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!

Philadelphia Flower Show! on Katie Crafts;

We spent the entire day yesterday {read: 6+ hours} at the Philadelphia Flower Show (and yes, I *did* in fact paint my nails to look like little butterfly wings for the occasion!). It was a wonderful date, as usual, and we took tons and tons of photos. Here’s just a glimpse of what we saw! Continue reading 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!

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Sunday Funday: Issue 3

Brrrrr!! It’s ridiculously cold out there this weekend, with another snowstorm on the way! I plan on staying bundled up at home all day today, and I hope you get to do the same. While you’re under the covers, enjoy my Sunday Funday: Issue 3! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 3