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Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap by Katie Crafts;

Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

As you know, last week the Husband and I went on our annual date to the Philadelphia Flower Show! It’s my favorite event of the year. It happened to be a crazy snowstorm that day, so it was basically empty, which meant we were able to take our time and examine pretty much every inch of it without crowds pushing us out of the way or a hundred people ruining each photo. The theme was “Celebrating The Movies” and it was wonderful. Continue reading Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

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Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals

Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals on Katie Crafts;

Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals

I’ve been wearing my vintage florals and butterflies print earrings and bow a lot lately. The pattern is one I’ve always been drawn to. It makes me think of my Grandmother’s blue and white dishes, cute old things I’d find in her house, pearls, and nudes- as in the color- get your head out of the gutter! With all things vintage in mind (I really should have been born in a different era…), I came up with this dream outfit for this week’s fashion inspiration! Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals

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Sunday Funday: Issue 7

Sunday Funday: Issue 7 on Katie Crafts;

This past week was so busy, it was really just a blur. I was looking forward to this weekend for lots of relaxing and hopefully some walking in the sunshine. But of course, rain, rain, rain! I wish this entire weekend wasn’t so crummy! I’m going to use this downtime to craft, read and cook- so I guess it’s not that bad! You should do the same after you read my Sunday Funday: Issue 7!

Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 7

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2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!

Philadelphia Flower Show! on Katie Crafts;

We spent the entire day yesterday {read: 6+ hours} at the Philadelphia Flower Show (and yes, I *did* in fact paint my nails to look like little butterfly wings for the occasion!). It was a wonderful date, as usual, and we took tons and tons of photos. Here’s just a glimpse of what we saw! Continue reading 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!