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Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap by Katie Crafts;

Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

As you know, last week the Husband and I went on our annual date to the Philadelphia Flower Show! It’s my favorite event of the year. It happened to be a crazy snowstorm that day, so it was basically empty, which meant we were able to take our time and examine pretty much every inch of it without crowds pushing us out of the way or a hundred people ruining each photo. The theme was “Celebrating The Movies” and it was wonderful.

We started off in the Make-and-Take room again, so that I could make a ridiculous gigantic flowery hair clip to wear around the whole day. What do you think?

Then we headed to the Butterfly Experience, which was much nicer than last year. It was twice as big and just set up a lot better. It is so amazing having hundreds of butterflies flitting around you, though I have to say- when the GIANT ones flew by my face I had a moment of panic. They were all so pretty, but my favorite was the orange beauty that landed on me (you saw her in yesterday’s post too!)

We checked out all of the fantastic displays, each inspired by a Disney movie, caught a live flower display competition, and saw all the vendors while there. It was a very, very long (but amazing) day! Between the two of us, Husband and I took upwards of 500 photos (and several slo-mo videos of the butterflies, too!), but I won’t kill you with all of them! Instead, here are about 50 (you’re lucky I got them down to under 100!), mostly in gallery form to get through them faster. Hope you enjoy them!

Winnie the Pooh!

Husband with Baymax, and us posing in front of the entrance!

More from the Hundred Acre Wood!

They brewed their own cider just for the event, and it was SO GOOD.



Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap by Katie Crafts;

I believe this was supposed to be Cinderella… But I can’t remember now!

YEAH that’s a creepy baby in that tree. I don’t know why.

The next set was really cool. They were set up all next to each other and/or facing each other, with the Disney Princess they inspired pictured beside them.

And of course, FROZEN was the biggest display ever! A full on ice castle!

Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap by Katie Crafts;

The last display we saw was inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas! And it was glorious!

Did you attend the show? Which display was your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Philly Flower Show 2015 Recap

  1. The pictures are great! So glad you and Sean enjoyed it xoxo

  2. I can totally see why you look forward to this event each year. It’s always amazing! I would love to be able to go sometime. The Frozen display is awesome, and my daughter would have loved it. Thanks for taking photos and sharing them with us!

  3. I am turning even greener than that grass with envy. Fabulous photos of the show!

  4. What a beautiful show! You are so lucky to go there!

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