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Seventh Day of Christmas: Big Giveaway!

Seventh Day of Christmas: Big Giveaway from Katie Crafts!;

Seventh Day of Christmas: Big Giveaway!

♫ On the seventh day of Christmas, Katie Crafts gave to me- a giveaway with tons of goodies! ♫

Happy Sunday! I’m very excited to announce a big giveaway here on Katie Crafts! It will only last the duration of this week so get your entries in pronto- you don’t want to miss it! Jewelry, craft supplies, cards, Christmas items and more could all be yours! Continue reading Seventh Day of Christmas: Big Giveaway!

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Fashion Inspiration: Autumn Hues

Fashion Inspiration: Autumn Hues by Katie Crafts;

Fashion Inspiration: Autumn Hues

I am sad to say good bye to the Summer and all, but Fall is my favorite! Part of the reason I love it is the colors! (Another reason is the BOOTS!) The burgundy, plum, gold, rust and chocolate shades are so rich and wonderful. I was thrilled to have my wedding outside last fall to incorporate all the shades of Autumn in our photos, and I’m looking forward to adding the different hues to my wardrobe this season! Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Autumn Hues

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Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals

Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals on Katie Crafts;

Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals

I’ve been wearing my vintage florals and butterflies print earrings and bow a lot lately. The pattern is one I’ve always been drawn to. It makes me think of my Grandmother’s blue and white dishes, cute old things I’d find in her house, pearls, and nudes- as in the color- get your head out of the gutter! With all things vintage in mind (I really should have been born in a different era…), I came up with this dream outfit for this week’s fashion inspiration! Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Florals

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Fashion Inspiration: Turquoise

Fashion Inspiration: Turquoise on Katie Crafts;

Fashion Inspiration: Turquoise

I’ve been wearing items from my new Summer Jewelry line pretty much every day! I’ve even started planning outfits based on which jewelry I wanted to wear that day. Today, I’ve used the Turquoise Chevron Necklace as my inspiration to create an outfit that I totally love! Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Turquoise

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Recap: First Handmade Swap

Recap: First Handmade Swap on Katie Crafts;

Recap: First Handmade Swap (Spring Themed!)

Back in April, Katie Crafts hosted it’s first handmade swap! The theme was Spring, and a handful of fun crafty girls participated. I put everyone’s names in a hat, gave it a shake, and handed out a different name to each person. It was a blast! Here is what I made for the person whose name I drew, and what I received from the person who drew me!

Continue reading Recap: First Handmade Swap