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Recap: First Handmade Swap

Recap: First Handmade Swap on Katie Crafts;

Recap: First Handmade Swap (Spring Themed!)

Back in April, Katie Crafts hosted it’s first handmade swap! The theme was Spring, and a handful of fun crafty girls participated. I put everyone’s names in a hat, gave it a shake, and handed out a different name to each person. It was a blast! Here is what I made for the person whose name I drew, and what I received from the person who drew me!

For the swap, I drew my friend’s adorable mom, Elizabeth. Since the theme was Spring, I was tasked at including at least one item that reminded me of the season. I went a step further, making every item some type of floral- so the whole care package was Spring-y!

I made Elizabeth a pair of covered button earrings, using a beige fabric with little white flowers on it. I also made her a matching jewelry set consisting of a filigree ring with a tiny lilac rose on it, little rose earrings and a filigree rose hairpin. Lastly, I included a small satchet of dried lavender (my favorite!) because it smells like Spring to me! I wrapped it all up in jewelry boxes, tissue paper and twine. I included a handwritten card that carried the flowery theme. I hope she liked everything I sent!

The person who drew my name happens to also be someone I featured before: Hannah from Hannahdoodle! Hannah made me the cutest EVERYTHING! Even her wrapping (pictured above) was adorable!

First was a sweet little fox-wearing-a-floral-headband magnet and a little gray bunny brooch, both of which I am totally obsessed with. They are the cutest little guys I have ever seen!

Next up was a tiny painting of Rhyl Beach. I put it right on my bulletin board and it looks so cute there!


Recap: First Handmade Swap on Katie Crafts;

Hannah also included a roll of washi tape that has colorful bunting on it that reminds her of Spring. I just used it on a card I sent out because it’s so cute!


Her handwritten card for me was even handmade- the front of it was a print of MY CAT that she painted! How thoughtful, to paint Lucky for me! I currently have it hanging right above my art desk so I can look at it every day as I craft. Isn’t it adorable?! If you want to check out more of Hannah’s creations, you should check out Handmade by Hannahdoodle on Etsy.

If you haven’t received your care package from your swap partner yet, please let me know so I can reach out to them! In a couple of days I will announce the second swap, so stay tuned if you’d like to participate in it! I’m just trying to figure out a theme for it- have any suggestions? 🙂