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First Handmade Swap!

First Handmade Swap on Katie Crafts;

I adore getting packages in the mail, especially when I have no idea what the contents are! I’ve been thinking of doing a handmade swap for awhile now, and came up with some ideas on how to do it. You need not be an Etsy seller or even a superstar crafter to participate! Anyone who wants to send a cute little gift and receive a cute little gift is welcome!

Here are the rules I came up with so far, but since it’s the first handmade swap, these can certainly be changed as we go!

  • Each swap will have a theme. This isn’t meant to hinder you, but rather to help you think up things to send! All the items you make/select don’t need to follow the theme, but at least one should.
  • All participants names will be put in a hat and randomly drawn. I’ll email you the person for whom you should send a package once the names are all in.
  • Each participant must be willing to pay for not only the items they include in their package, but for the shipping cost of the package as well. The swap will be a worldwide one, so remember this when you sign up to swap! On the other hand, please also be aware if your country requires extra customs fees/duties to be paid, you’ll be responsible for them when you receive your package. Check with your country’s codes to see what you can/can’t receive and what costs extra!
  • If you yourself don’t have a crafty bone in your body but you still want to participate, you totally can! Just include in your package a small handmade product you purchased as your “something handmade.” Be sure it’s something handmade though- no big brand products that are obviously commercially manufactured!
  • Each little package should contain at least the following (+ any additional goodies you so choose to include!):
    1. Something related to the theme.
    2. Something small and handmade (can be anything, and doesn’t need to be extravagant!)
    3. A handwritten card or letter – because everyone loves receiving those!

As long as the above three things are in each package and you agree to the possibility of paying international shipping fees, you are good to sign up!

The theme of the very first handmade swap is Spring! Find or make something with a flower on it, a cute little bird or butterfly, or something that makes you think of Spring!

Please click the button below by next Thursday, April 17th to sign up for this swap! After you receive my email with your swap buddy, you’ll have until Thursday, May 1st to make up and ship your package! If all goes well, I’ll try to do these little swaps more! I’ll also be doing a post about the package I made and the one I received on my blog as a follow up. If you’d like me to include photos of yours too, please snap a few and send them my way! I’d love to show them off!

Don’t forget to share this idea with your friends- the more the merrier! Hope to hear from you, loverlies!

14 thoughts on “First Handmade Swap!

  1. I love this idea! I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these swaps. However, right now isn’t a good for me as far as timing goes. Will have have these monthly?

    1. It depends on how well it goes! Probably every other month though, to give a little break between. 🙂

  2. Just sent you an email, what an awesome idea!

  3. I’ve always wanted to do a swap, I’d also love to join when I have the time to participate! I’ll keep an eye out for your next one. Looking forward to hearing about how it goes!

  4. Love this idea and just sent you an email!

  5. Wonderful idea! I will impatiently wait for a report 🙂

  6. If we’re doing a swap, why are we having to pay for the items?

    1. Hi Dot! You must pay for the shipping, and pay for the items that you include in the package you send someone, i.e. you cannot charge them for whatever you send them or expect them to compensate you in any way. That’s all I meant. 🙂

      1. Ohhh, okay. I get it now.
        Thank you! 🙂

  7. I’ve done swaps for years with a great group of ladies called: Farmgirls! WE are not all living on farms, but are farm girls at heart! It is lots of fun!

  8. Great idea! I will keep an eye out for future swaps… Good luck with this first one! I hope it goes really well!

  9. Great idea! I have too many things on my plate for April, but hope to participate if you have another.

  10. this is great idea! I would love to participate in the next one:)

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