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Handmade Swap: Summer!

Handmade Swap: Summer on Katie Crafts;

Handmade Swap: Summer

August is right around the corner! I’m not quite sure where the Summer ran off to, since I feel like it was May only yesterday, but it’s time for another Handmade Swap! Our last theme of Spring was so fun, that I figured we’d go ahead with the seasonal motif, and continue on with a theme of Summer this round! Continue reading Handmade Swap: Summer!

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First Handmade Swap!

First Handmade Swap on Katie Crafts;

I adore getting packages in the mail, especially when I have no idea what the contents are! I’ve been thinking of doing a handmade swap for awhile now, and came up with some ideas on how to do it. You need not be an Etsy seller or even a superstar crafter to participate! Anyone who wants to send a cute little gift and receive a cute little gift is welcome! Continue reading First Handmade Swap!