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Handmade Swap: Summer!

Handmade Swap: Summer on Katie Crafts;

Handmade Swap: Summer

August is right around the corner! I’m not quite sure where the Summer ran off to, since I feel like it was May only yesterday, but it’s time for another Handmade Swap! Our last theme of Spring was so fun, that I figured we’d go ahead with the seasonal motif, and continue on with a theme of Summer this round!

When I think of Summer, I think of ice cream cones, BBQs, and picnics; sunglasses and smiles; any and everything related to the ocean/sea; and sunny happy colors all over! I can’t wait to get this swap started! If you are interested in participating, and sending/receiving a cute care package too, check out the rules below!

Swap Rules:

  • Each swap will have a theme. This isn’t meant to hinder you, but rather to help you think up things to send! All the items you make/select don’t need to follow the theme, but at least one should.
  • All participants names will be put in a hat and randomly drawn. I’ll email you the person for whom you should send a package once the names are all in.
  • Each participant must be willing to pay for not only the items they include in their package, but for the shipping cost of the package as well. The swap will be a worldwide one, so remember this when you sign up to swap! On the other hand, please also be aware if your country requires extra customs fees/duties to be paid, you’ll be responsible for them when you receive your package. Check with your country’s codes to see what you can/can’t receive and what costs extra!
  • If you yourself don’t have a crafty bone in your body but you still want to participate, you totally can! Just include in your package a small handmade product you purchased as your “something handmade.” Be sure it’s something handmade though- no big brand products that are obviously commercially manufactured!
  • Each little package should contain at least the following (+ any additional goodies you so choose to include!):
    1. Something related to the theme.
    2. Something small and handmade (can be anything, and doesn’t need to be extravagant!)
    3. A handwritten card or letter – because everyone loves receiving those!

As long as the above three things are in each package and you agree to the possibility of paying international shipping fees, you are good to sign up! *Be sure you also have the time to participate! If you sign up and then cannot get your package out in time, it means someone doesn’t get a gift and will be sad!*

Please click the button below by next Friday, August 8th to sign up for this swap! After you receive my email with your swap buddy, you’ll have until Friday, August 22nd to make up and ship your package! If all goes well, everyone should receive their packages before August is over! I’ll also be doing a post about the package I made and the one I received on my blog as a follow up. If you’d like me to include photos of yours too, please snap a few and send them my way! I’d love to show them off!

Hope to see your names on the swap list! I’ll be making something special for whomever I draw!