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Sunday Funday: Issue 3

Brrrrr!! It’s ridiculously cold out there this weekend, with another snowstorm on the way! I plan on staying bundled up at home all day today, and I hope you get to do the same. While you’re under the covers, enjoy my Sunday Funday: Issue 3!

Makes Me Laugh: First World Problems Cat

The Husband sends me First World Problems Cat memes all the time. He just sent me this one which I especially loved since both our cats do this. They will cry and paw as if they are starved to death and we haven’t fed them in ages, and then we go to the kitchen to find there IS food in their bowl, it’s just not right in the middle. They are such weirdos!

This one made me laugh, too, since they always follow us into the bathroom OR scratch on the door while we’re in there!

First World Problems Cat

What I’m Reading: Upcoming Etsy Changes

Etsy is currently testing out new layouts and looks for shops. I’m not one of the many sellers who gets to see this new possible update, but I’m not hearing great things! Apparently there are several changes, including doing away with your storefront banner entirely. I hope that part doesn’t stick, since it seems to be the only means to personalize your shop at the moment. Elaina Louise Studios took a shot of the differences below. If you hadn’t heard the news yet, you can read more about it in their announcements.

Elaina Louise Studios on Etsy

Place I Love: Ikea!

The Husband randomly decided we no longer need a couch and instead, we should furnish the area it lives with a crafting desk. How could I say no? We rented a car and went to Ikea on Saturday. We came home with a large table, a bar stool (which is possibly too tall and will have to go back for the shorter one), a wire shelving unit for under the table and some red lamps. He’s finishing putting the table together while I type this. I can’t wait to see it all in it’s new space!

Sunday Funday: Issue 3 on Katie Crafts;

Something Delicious: Bailey’s and Hot Chocolate Tiramisu

This is pretty much exactly what I am craving on a day like today! The full recipe is on Pham Fatale, so be sure to check her site out! I wish I had all the ingredients to make it right now!!

Baileys and Hot Chocolate Tiramisu on Pham Fatale

Project That Inspires: Monarch Butterfly Nails

This whole next week is the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show! The Husband and I have gone every year since we started dating, so it’s a special annual date for us. This year the theme is ARTiculture (I’m so excited!) and in addition to the add-ons at the show, there is a new feature: The Butterfly Experience! There will be over 1000 butterflies flitting around and I can’t wait to see them all! I found this beautiful Monarch Butterfly nail design by Dottidol on Cut Out + Keep and loved it! I hope I have the time to try it out before the show!

Hope the remainder of your weekend is a warm and cozy one! Be sure to read my blog daily during National Crochet Month to find out about lots of giveaways, patterns and fun!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Issue 3

  1. Can’t wait to visit you and see the new setup! 😀

  2. The cat problems are hilarious. And I love iKEA! The nearest one is about 3-4 hours away though. I went once and it was equal parts amazing and overwhelming.

    1. Aren’t they great?! I love cat memes!

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