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Wordless Wednesday: Butterfly

Wordless Wednesday: Butterfly on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Butterfly

I’m slowly getting better at this “Wordless Wednesday” thing, and trying REALLY hard to not post a ton of WORDS with it! This shot was taken last week at the Flower Show. A full recap post is coming up with tons of pics of gorgeous floral displays, flower closeups and more butterflies, but I had to share this one early. This beauty fluttered over in the “Butterfly Experience” tent and landed right on my sweater. She looks like she belongs, doesn’t she?

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Nail Art: Butterfly Wings

Nail Art: Butterfly Wings Design by Katie Crafts;

Project: Butterfly Wing Nail Art Design

A few weeks ago, I shared a nail art design I was inspired to try called Monarch Butterfly nails! I was really psyched to try out the design so that I could wear them to the Philly Flower Show and to visit the butterflies! I did just that, putting my own spin on the design to make it more abstract, and using an array of different colors. Continue reading Nail Art: Butterfly Wings