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First Day of Fall Faves

First Day of Fall Faves by Katie Crafts;

Today is officially the beginning of Fall! Yippee! Autumn is by far my favorite season, and it is way too short in my opinion. With how long Summer has become in recent years (it’s in the high 80’s all week here still!!!) and how quickly Winter comes upon us, Fall seems to get lost in the middle. SO! Let’s take a little time to celebrate the BEST season of the year with some of my first day of Fall faves!

Since the weather isn’t exactly cool yet, my picks for today aren’t warm cozy sweaters, but rather things to make you feel Autumn-y despite the lack of crisp air. Compare the list below to the cute things up top to shop what you can! Enjoy!

Leaf Earrings: H&M

Caffé Mocha

Mossimo Strappy Boots: Target

Pumpkins & Mums

Triangle Scarf: Nordstrom

Flannel Blanket Candle: Target

In addition to the fashionable earrings, booties and scarf that totally scream “Fall!,” I just had to add a couple of my all time favorites for this time of year. I know everyone goes CRAZY when it’s PSL season, but I’m not really into them! Give me a hot caffé mocha any day!

I’ve also already decorated the front of my house with some pumpkins and scarecrows and will pick up mums soon. So festive! Could anything be prettier than the colors of Autumn? Nope!

Lastly, to get the scents of Fall drifting through my house, I just bought a “Flannel Blanket” scented candle. I don’t know what flannel blankets are typically supposed to smell like, but this soy candle is my new favorite thing! It makes my whole kitchen smell amazing.

What are some of your favorite first day of Fall things? Share below!

2 thoughts on “First Day of Fall Faves

  1. Great picks Katie! I especially love the scarf!

  2. Love your list of faves! I’m so glad to see your blog today. =0)
    It’s been awhile for me. My computer is SO slow, thanks to the Windows 10 update. Yuck.

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