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Coffee with the Husband: National Coffee Day 2015

Coffee with the Husband: National Coffee Day on Katie Crafts

Hey everyone! Today is National Coffee Day and I absolute LOVE coffee (technically it should be International Coffee Day and even more technically it should officially take place on October 1st according to Wikipedia, but everyone else seems to be celebrating today so we’ll go with it). I took this chance to commandeer the blog from Katie for a day so I could give you some super interesting factoids to read about coffee while you sip your favorite morning drink– hopefully coffee but if it’s something else don’t worry, I love you all equally!

Even if infographics aren’t your thing, don’t forget to check out where you can get your National Coffee Day freebies today! Continue reading Coffee with the Husband: National Coffee Day 2015

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A Special Look at my Fall Wedding…

A Special Look at my Fall Wedding... on Katie Crafts;

Come October, Husband and I will be celebrating 2 years of marriage (and 6 years of dating!) During our year and a half engagement, I spent the majority of my life crafting for the wedding! We wanted nature to guide our theme, as our wedding was outdoors at a beautiful arboretum. I’ve shared a few pics here and there of the big day, but never all my hand-crafted details. Today you get a special look at them! Continue reading A Special Look at my Fall Wedding…

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Wordless Wednesday: Sunflower

Wordless Wednesday: Sunflower on Katie Crafts;

Ah, September! Sunflowers always make me think of the Fall, although I guess technically they are a Summer flower! I’ve taken care of my sunnies since they were just seeds so when they finally bloomed two weeks ago I was was so excited. Of course, I’m glad I took this photo because they have already begun to wilt! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Sunflower

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Pumpkin Nail Art Design

Pumpkin Nail Art Design by Katie Crafts;

Pumpkin Nail Art Design

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching (WHERE did November go, by the way?!), I was giving some thought to my Thanksgiving outfit and subsequently my Thanksgiving nails! A couple of years ago, I rocked these SUPER easy pumpkin nails for our city’s annual Fall Festival, and think I will likely do them for this Thursday as well! Continue reading Pumpkin Nail Art Design

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Family Trip to Linvilla Orchards

Family Trip to Linvilla Orchards on Katie Crafts;

Family Trip to Linvilla Orchards

A couple days after our long, exhausting and amazing NYCC trip, Husband and I joined his family for a beautiful day of pumpkin picking, apple cider donut eating, hayride riding and more at Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA! We had such a lovely day and we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather, especially considering the day before was quite cold and dreary. We were very busy enjoying ourselves, but managed to take a few pics while there! Continue reading Family Trip to Linvilla Orchards