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Wordless Wednesday: Sunflower

Wordless Wednesday: Sunflower on Katie Crafts;

Ah, September! Sunflowers always make me think of the Fall, although I guess technically they are a Summer flower! I’ve taken care of my sunnies since they were just seeds so when they finally bloomed two weeks ago I was was so excited. Of course, I’m glad I took this photo because they have already begun to wilt!

Still, it was a lovely two weeks of looking out my window and seeing them happily staring back. Also, they got almost as tall as me- which is pretty cool to see when I planted them from seeds in May! In just a few more weeks I’ll replace all my dead flowers with pots of mums and break out my Fall decorations. It’s my favorite time of year! Minus this silly heat wave we have going on right now…

What are your favorite Fall flowers?