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Pumpkin Nail Art Design

Pumpkin Nail Art Design by Katie Crafts;

Pumpkin Nail Art Design

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching (WHERE did November go, by the way?!), I was giving some thought to my Thanksgiving outfit and subsequently my Thanksgiving nails! A couple of years ago, I rocked these SUPER easy pumpkin nails for our city’s annual Fall Festival, and think I will likely do them for this Thursday as well!

You only need a few nail polishes and a few minutes- they are one of the easiest designs ever!


  • Clear base coat
  • Orange nail polish
  • Green nail polish
  • Brown or bronze glitter polish
  • Black nail striper OR black nail polish and nail art brush
  • Dotting tool
  • Clear top coat


  • Starting with clean nails, do a clear base coat on each and let dry.
  • Next, make two simple swipes of the orange nail polish on the bottom half of every nail, EXCEPT for the nail you designate your accent nail (in my case, my ring finger!) This creates a pumpkin shape in two seconds flat! Do a second coat of the orange on top of first to make pumpkins pop if your polish isn’t opaque enough.
  • While your pumpkins are drying, do your first coat of brown glitter polish on each of your accent nails. Let dry.
  • Next you will need your dotting tool (or toothpick, in a pinch!) and your green polish to create the stems of each pumpkin. Simply dip your dotting tool in the green, and draw on each little stem, making sure to come down on to the pumpkin itself a bit, right at the center. Super easy!
  • Now with your black striper, you will make a few little curved lines to mimic those on a pumpkin. Do three to four on each pumpkin- whatever you think looks best. They are your nails, after all! Let dry.
  • Go over your accent nail again with the glitter polish to make it even more sparkly and wonderful!
  • When all are dry, seal in with a clear top coat.
  • Let dry and enjoy your harvest nails!

What do you think of my easy Pumpkin Nail Art Design for this Thanksgiving? What other Manicure Monday designs are you liking today?