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My Etsy Picks: Thanksgiving Faves

My Etsy Picks: Thanksgiving Faves on Katie Crafts;

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today! It’s been my holiday to cook for over ten years, but this year we are heading to my aunt’s house instead. I’ll miss cooking everything, but I’ll still enjoy my favorite meal of the year- and this year I’ll get to actually see the Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is pretty awesome! Whatever you are doing for the holiday, there is something on this shopping list that would make your family gathering even better!

I really love the Gobble Til You Wobble shirt! So cute. All these items would make a great addition to Thanksgiving, though! Shop the original treasury here, or click on the links to each item below!

  1. Banner Cheer Jr
  2. Cedar and Sea
  3. Two Inspire You
  4. Woodndoodads
  5. J & A Apparel
  6. Canine Design
  7. Pinking-Edge Designs
  8. Paper Built Shop
  9. My Heart By Hand
  10. Rollin’ In Dough
  11. Pink Pineapple Couture
  12. Decorate Your Big Day
  13. Sweet Elodie Grace
  14. Childish Dreams
  15. Shirt Candy
  16. The Mad Platter Kitchen

Which Thanksgiving item is your favorite? What are your plans for the holiday?

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  1. Awesome finds! I adore those Thanksgiving cookies! We had our Thanksgiving a month ago. I have an idea :)) We can celebrate it twice a year )) In Canada in October and in the States in November ))

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