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Fall Nail Art

Fall Nail Art Design on Katie Crafts;

We went to a Fall festival over the weekend and it really got me in the spirit of the season! As if I really needed any more help… 😉 Husband just bought me a six pack of fun Fall colored nail polishes by Kleancolor Nail Lacquer so I decided to try them all out and design a little fall nail art!

The colors included in the pack from Kleancolor Nail Lacquer are garnet red, dark brown, americano, copper, gold bright and pearl silver. I used all but the silver in this tutorial.


  • Clear base/top coat
  • Nail polish from above set, or other polish in shades of dark red, dark brown, glitter copper, glitter gold and glitter light brown
  • Red nail gems
  • Nail art brush


  • Begin with clean, dry nails. Paint a coat of sheer base coat on nails and let dry.
  • Paint all fingers that are NOT accent nails with the garnet red polish. Let dry.
  • Paint all accent nails with dark brown. Let dry.
  • Do a second coat of each if necessary, and let dry.
  • Pick your first shade for leaves and dip your nail art brush in! Draw whatever shape leaf you like. Draw a few. Draw them on each of your accent nails. Let dry.
  • Continue with the other shades, drawing different leaves all over the accent nails until you are happy with them.
  • Use the other shades to add depth and don’t forget about the stems! Let dry.

Fall Nail Art Design on Katie Crafts;

  • Next up, dip your nail art brush in whichever shade you liked best to draw three lines on your middle fingers. I picked the copper! Add a red nail art gem at the tip to make it look like a burst. Let dry.


  • Seal in your look with a clear polish. Let dry. Clean up any rogue polish from your skin and enjoy your fall look!

Fall Nail Art Design on Katie Crafts;

Here are Husband and I at the Fall Festival! Aren’t we cute?

Midtown Fall Festival Philadelphia;

Later this week I’ll be heading to Manhattan for New York Comic Con! That means upcoming posts will involve whatever nail art I pick for the event and of course a fun recap of it as well. Be sure to follow my Instagram page for lots of pics from NYCC!

What kind of nail art do you like to wear in the Fall?

6 thoughts on “Fall Nail Art

  1. Wonderful idea for an autumn nail design!

    1. Thanks Natalia! 🙂

  2. Love the nail art Katie! I had no idea Comic Con was this week! Have fun, will you be blogging about it? Might bump into you, I work in NYC 🙂

    1. I will be indeed! Also, I’ll be carrying some homemade caramels with me, so maybe you should bump into me!

  3. omg it’s been soooooo long since I’ve done my nails! This is a really cute look for fall. Thanks for sharing it.

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